Here comes the sun

Here comes the sun

The last few days the weather has been gorgeous, which means its time to look out my shorts and get some much needed vitamin D.  Unfortunately, however, on going to the cupboard to pull out my trusty shorts I’ve discovered I can’t get in to them anymore – there’s definitely a bit more belly bulge and chub rub going on that I would like – so its probably time to do something about it.  Two years ago I was a size 10, last year I’d crept up to a size 12 and this year its closer to a size 14.  The reason for this I have to admit is my love of food and wine and my lack of exercise, although, as I keep getting told, “I am getting to that age”.

What age exactly is that?  When did it become okay for me (and other people) to use that as an excuse?

So, its time to take the bull by the horns and do something about my expanding midriff.  I know what I have to do but I need to find something to motivate me.  There’s no summer holiday to work towards this year, so no need to get bikini ready, but I really do need to fit back in to the nice summer clothes I have hanging in the wardrobe.

There, I’ve put it in writing, so I have to do something about it now!  So, goodbye wobbly belly and thighs, you’ve kept me good company over the Winter but Summer is fast approaching and its time we parted ways.


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