For the love of sushi!

For the love of sushi!

Imagine I served up raw fish, cold rice and seaweed as a main meal. Would my son and husband happily dig in or would they turn up their noses at an ill prepared meal? Probably the latter, but now imagine it was prepared as little strips of raw fish on a very neat ball of cold rice or wrapped as little bundles of seaweed and has exotic sounding names like nigiri, sashimi, maki or urimaki.  Now that sounds much more appealing to them and they will happily eat their own body weight.  So what is it about Sushi that is so appealing?

It’s slightly exotic for a start, quite expensive and definitely sounds much more appealing than calling it raw fish, cold rice and seaweed.  However my son’s obsession with Japan is not just contained to sushi.  He’s into other things Japanese too, including Pokemon and Manga – it’s costing me a fortune!

We have the complete set of Naruto and Fairy Tail, he even dressed up as one of the Fairy Tail characters (Natsu) for world book day and worryingly enough all my friends said he looked like me when I was young – I’m not sure what that says about me and my 1980’s style choices!

And its not just him, quite a few of his classmates seem to be in on the all things Japanese obsession.  I pity their parents (and teachers) if they too have to get clued up on all the characters and have endless conversations about Attack on Titan.  See, I’m even starting to sound like I know what he’s talking about.  Maybe I need to nip this one in the bud.  Oops too late…

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