Everything is going to change again

Everything is going to change again

In six weeks time my son will finish primary school.  It’s a milestone moment and the end of an era, but its also a new and exciting next step for him.  Primary school for him has not been without its challenges, he’s struggled with certain things, in particular spelling, and eventually at the end of Primary 5 he was diagnosed as dyslexic.  To begin with, he didn’t deal with it well.  He didn’t want to be seen as different and didn’t understand why things didn’t come so easy with him.  Primary 6 was a nightmare, he had a young inexperience teacher, who couldn’t really cope with him.  He’d cry himself to sleep, didn’t want to go to school and continually tell us he didn’t want to be different.

That all changed in Primary 7.  His teacher, who is also young, just seems to get him.  His Learning Support teacher has been great and the support he has received has certainly made a big difference.  And so, here we are about to leave primary school and ready to move up to secondary.  Things will change again, I don’t know how its going to go, and I have to say I’m a little nervous for him, but we’ll just have to take every day as it comes.  He’s a bright, intelligent young boy, who just learns differently from others, and has different talents.  I just need to remind him of that.

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