Not so organised mum

Not so organised mum

This morning I thought I was so organised.  My son had cross country before school so I had to drop him off early, get my daughter to school for 8.40am then get in to town for a business meeting at 9.30am.  All very doable (or so I, thought).

Son was dropped off at 8.20am, daughter was dropped off at 8.25am and I headed back to the house to pick up the stuff I needed for the meeting.  It was all going so well.  Then, I spotted the note on the breakfast bar, and it all went to rats!  “P7B Engineering Activity Day” it read, “packed lunch and small cardboard box required.”   Aargghh!!!  I rushed around the house like a loon, pulled together a packed lunch, found a shoe box and headed back to the school, phoning them on the way to say I was sorry but I had spotted it was Engineering Day and would be with them in 5 minutes with the required items.

When I got to school however, I was met by my son’s teacher who too had been put in to a mild state of panic thanks to my earlier phone call but was now standing laughing his head off.  I was a week out!  Engineering Day is in fact next week and all my frantic efforts were in vain.

Oh, and cross country wasn’t even on this morning!!

One thought on “Not so organised mum

  1. Fab – blog. I can totally resonate with this….my child turned up for cross county too. Engineering day wasn’t even on the radar – it is now! Cheers! X


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