Summer time blues

Summer time blues

Help!  It’s been the school holidays for the last 4 weeks and there’s still another 3 weeks to go.  To add to the mix, I took on a new job on the first day of the holidays – what was I thinking?

My eldest has been brilliant and stepped in to look after her younger brother and his iPad. They’ve also had some time visiting grandparents and my hubby and I took them to Centerparcs which they all loved – me not so much!

There was me thinking summer holidays involved lying beside a pool in some sunny resort, relaxing, reading, having fun in the pool with the kids, and going a slightly pinkish-tan shade, when my reality this year was 5 days in the rainy (although warmish!) Lake District, cycling, kayaking and doing other outdoor activities I wouldn’t normally do (or have a desire to do!).  What has my life come to?

Anyway, back to juggling work and childcare for the next three weeks of the holidays until the kids go back to school and then it’ll be back to the more normal term-time juggle of work, mum’s taxi service, head cook, bottle washer and child care specialist.   Rant over.



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