New Year – Day 1

New Year – Day 1

Ah, Christmas is over and we’re now into a new year, and what will this one bring?  So far we’ve had the fight over my son not coming off the X-Box when he’s told, the one about the rest of the family using all the hot water and not putting the boiler back on so there’s enough for me to shower, and the now customary argument with my daughter about revising for her prelims.  Just your average New Year’s Day!

So my thoughts for this year are that it can only be better than 2017 and I will try to stick to my resolutions:

  1. I will not be walked all over by everybody
  2. I will lose weight
  3. I will come up with an amazing business idea and do something about it, instead of just talk about doing it.

I think three resolutions are more than enough for one person to try to stick to don’t you?  Now, where’s the chocolate left over from Christmas, so I can finish it before I start trying to lose weight…

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