The Forgotten Anniversary

The Forgotten Anniversary

My hubby forgot our anniversary today!  Part of me finds it highly amusing and part of me is really seething.  I mean, I should know better – he’s a man and can’t multi-task, so to ask him to go away with our son for a weekend of badminton, head down to London yesterday for a meeting and then remember it is our wedding anniversary today might be a bit much.  It’s not as though he has a calendar on his phone and laptop, is it?

So, how did he try to make it up to me?  Well, he did cancel going to badminton tonight.  He even phoned me mid-morning to ask if I wanted to go to the local pub for tea (to which I politely declined!) and now he’s away to buy something for tea as “you can’t be cooking on your anniversary” his words not mine.  He even appeared home with some fizz and chocs, but I think there is a bit more mileage to be had, after all we’ve been married for 19 years and if he wants to make it 20 there’s a bit of making up to do!!

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