It’s all a matter of perspective…

It’s all a matter of perspective…

After a hectic period of exams and then a 2 week break from school my eldest is back to school and scarily enough is now in S5.  Life has still been as hectic as ever mind you with Mum and Dad’s Taxi Service still in full flow and family life ticking over.  Roll on next year when she can drive herself and her brother here there and everywhere – although I’m sure that’ll bring a whole raft of other worries in to play.

However, over the last month, we have had some new residents in the household.  A family of bluetits has nested in the bird box and its made me realise , and brought about a bit of perspective, that its not just us that are always on the go.  These little guys during the last two weeks have been constantly in and out of there house taking it in turns to go out and get food for their little ones.  It’s an endless and relentless job.

So, no matter whether its birds or humans, we all have a family to look after and protect, until the time comes for their little ones to fly the nest – albeit my little feathered friends will be dealing with that side of things well before me!

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