Vacation or Staycation

Vacation or Staycation

We’re just back from our summer hols.  We had 2 very relaxing weeks in Mexico, where we indulged in good food, a cocktail or two, and lots of sunshine.  However given the current heat wave here at home, I’m wondering why we travelled all that distance.  Especially when our son’s biggest prerequisite for his holiday was to make sure he had wifi, so that when he isn’t in the pool he can be tucked up on his sun lounger under a towel playing on his phone and looking like the invisible man!

If we could guarantee the glorious weather we’ve been having in the UK every summer we wouldn’t need to fly for hours on end to far flung locations.  But then again, if we did that we wouldn’t have the joy of flying on airlines with grumpy staff, rubbish food and fragrant toilets.  Things we can put up with on our way to our chosen holiday destination, but that really start to grate when we’re heading home and our flights have been delayed or are overbooked.

I have to admit though I love going away on holiday.  It guarantees you switch off from the day to day grind – you don’t have to worry about whether or not the office is trying to get hold of you and you don’t have to deal with domesticity.  I also have to admit I love getting home to my own house too, and this year it’s even better as the weather is so good.

So, its back to work now, but with this heat it feels like I’m still on holiday…





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